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Hi friends. Here’s a secret cut through to Zion. This is a secret locals way so shhhhhh. Amazing views and makes the trip to Springdale about 40 minutes. YOU WILL NOT GET DIREVTED TO THIS BY  GOOGLE MAPS! Drive from property toward Apple Valley and turn at this point. You will see a brown sign on the right that says Smithsonian Butte Scenic Byway


Follow this gravel dirt road to Rockville. Don’t turn left when you see the turn off pointing to Gooseberry Mesa. That eventually dead ends and is where there are tons of camping spots, hikes, mountain biking and a pit toilet. Great place to explore if interested in adventuring. 


Keep down the hill toward Smithsonian Butte Staging Area.


Take a right on the paved road and eventually you will pass over a one lane bridge on the Virgin river. Take a right there and head toward Springdale and you will be in Zion within 10 minutes.

This cuts out about 30 minutes of travel from our property to the visitors center in Zion. 


Also I have a guide business and have permits for hiking Angel’s Landing and can guide in the Narrows. Inquire about that or check out


Also I do evening guide trips from the property to a secret petroglyph wall. The tour is 1 hour or so and is $35 per person. 


We also have a dog sitting service so ask us about tha if you need it. 



All of these spots are dog friendly!

Water Canyon - Watery slot canyon hike

Coral Pink Sand Dunes - Sand boarding and playing in the sand dunes!

Gooseberry Mesa - Great Zion views

More Cowbells

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