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Big Girl Fit Girl Retreat
Southern Utah + Zion!!!

With Host Ashley Romano in partnership with Shanti Hodges & Land Beyond Zion

Women of all body types who want to experience a confidence inducing adventure hiking and exploring the Zion National Park area! The only physical requirement is to be able to comfortably walk 2-3 miles a day. NO WOMAN WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. Gain confidence in the outdoors and improve your outdoors skills. 


This is a body positive hiking and hang out retreat filled with adventure, nature, community & growth. This is an experience for both body and soul and is hosted by HAES (health at every size) informed guides. 

We will hike, enjoy beautiful meals together, watch sunsets and move our bodies. In this space you will grow the outdoorsy side of you. NO HIKING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! We just ask that you be comfortable being out in the elements for 4-5 hours a day. We will teach you how to use hiking poles, negotiate different types of terrain, dress for outdoor success and feel safe and supported in the outdoors. You will also learn how to pack a small first aid kit for hiking, Leave no Trace principles and how to poop in the desert! Yes, we will talk about poop, negotiating desert animals and more!


WHEN : May 1-5, 2024

We will pick folks up from St. George on May 1 by 3pm and head up to the glampground for our first night. Make sure you bring warm clothes for sleeping as nights can get a little chilly! We will have sleeping bags though and extra blankets. There are 2 people per glamp tent. No camping experience necessary. The glampground has flushing toilets, hot shower, and kitchen. 


We’ll spend time in Southern Utah around Zion National Park.. We'll check out popular hikes in the park, but also explore the less populated areas outside of the park. All of the hikes we do will be accessible for the whole group and we only move as fast as the slowest person. We also will have additional support so if you feel you can't do the hike, there will be someone to sit back and enjoy the views with you. 

Why am I hosting this retreat? 
It's easy to believe that outdoor adventure is reserved for certain body types and athletic abilities. As a 300 pound triathlete, kayaker, yogi & hiker, I can assure you it’s not! I learned to hike a few years ago while attending a retreat led by Mirna Valerio and Shanti Hodges. (featured in the pictures below)


It's understandable to have some concern about whether our bodies can take us the places we want to go. The first time I went hiking I had zero experience and was very nervous. Will I be able to keep up with the group? Will I tumble down the mountain? I decided to feel the fear, but do it anyway. With the help of our incredible guide, Shanti, I learned how to better trust myself and my body. She taught me hiking basics and lead by example. Each day I got more and more brave and by the end of the trip my body was taking me places I had only imagined. It was an amazing experience.  So much so that I am going back for more and taking you with me! 


At this retreat you’ll be supported by kind compassionate hosts, guides and other participants who all believe that movement and adventure are for everyone. No woman will be left behind! We aren’t defined by how we look but rather by what we do and who we ARE. One of our goals of this trip is to remind you of (or maybe show you for the first time) how incredible, strong and badass you are in the body you have right now. 


We will be sleeping under the stars for 2 nights at Land Beyond Zion. There are hot water showers, comfy tents with cots and solar powered lights. There are real flushing toilets! This part of the trip will be 2 people per tent. 


Then we will stay 2 nights at a beautiful retreat house in Hurricane Utah that has a work out center, hot tub, pool and solo rooms for those who want some space to spread out. 


$1599 per person. Double occupancy room for the whole retreat. 

Want a solo room for 2 nights when we stay in town stay? Book a solo retreat experience for $300 more. Tent will be double occupancy however if you definitely don't want to share with anyone let us know and we can accommodate. 

If you come with a friend and share a solo room you will get the double occupancy rate ($1599). Just let us know when you book who you want to stay with!

We only have 12 spaces total so this will sell out fast. If you need to arrange to pay this in 2 payments, contact us and we can make that happen. Full payment will be required 30 days before the retreat. 


Reserve your spot before the limited amount of spaces are booked. Meet us in St George Utah on the afternoon (by 3pm) of May 1st and we’ll handle the rest. Before the trip we will let you know what to pack as well as all of your travel options to get to our location. After booking we will also add you to our private Facebook group for questions & connections. 

Refund Policy

STANDARD - Shared tent/Shared room

$1599 per person

DELUXE - Shared tent / Solo room



lodging, transportation to and from St. George shuttle to retreat location, 3 dinners and breakfast, lunch, snacks Guided hikes, gift bag.


Airfare, transportation to St. George from Las Vegas. 1 dinner.

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