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Zion Backcountry

Want to see more than just the well-known hikes inside of Zion National Park? We tour throughout the Zion backcountry via offroad SUVs and hiking combination tours. These tours will offer you the unique opportunity to see Zion alone without the park crowds.

Zion Panoramic Tour

Experience some fun off-roading while we visit the backroads of our favorite local mesa. We drive to some amazing lookouts and take in one of the best panoramic views of Zion National Park. If you like taking pictures, this is the tour for you. There are wonderful hiking opportunities that can be adjusted based on group desires and abilities. We will see petrified wood and dramatic rock formations. You'll learn about the geology, plants, animals, and history of the area. This tour can include an optional visit to an 1800s ghost town and cemetery.


Sand Dunes & Arches

Experience the Red Cliff Conservation Area with a tour that stops at dinosaur tracks and has either a hike or drive to sand dunes and beautiful red rocks. Finish off with either a hike to an arch or visit a ghost town. This tour is about 3 miles roundtrip, but a modification can be made for those with mobility issues or kids. If we are lucky we might see an endangered desert tortoise. (1-2 miles). 

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