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Building Camp 101

Have you ever dreamed about learning to build? This is an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and help build out Land Beyond Zion Glamp Camp and Vanlife hang out spot. 

This year we will be tackling some fun projects like building out a new outdoor kitchen, putting together fast palette decks for vanlifers, learning to sink concrete poles and put up hammocks and shade structures. 

Build out camps are 2-3 days and no tools are needed. Feel free to bring your own, but we will also be supplying tools and materials for the projects. 

To keep these opportunities affordable and open to as many people as possible, we will be charging a participation fee of $199, which covers breakfast & lunch (dinners will be BYOfood for a cookout on property or we can go out). Camping on the property is free! Or if you want to treat yourself, you can book out one of our lodging options for an additional fee of $75 per night. 


Do I need to have building experience? 

NO! When I started working on my property 2 years ago I had hardly even held a drill. Now I can use all kinds of tools. The goal of this workshop is to get comfortable with different tools and learn how to pick the best ones for your project. 

What will I learn in such a short amount of time?

How to look at a building project and map it out. What tools you need and what items can help you get the job done. Also how to navigate building stores.

We might venture into learning about electrical, plumbing, installing septic systems for rural building and how to create strong structures with concrete and wood. 

Should I bring my own tools?

Yes! Do if you can. That will help you get comfortable with your own tools. 

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